Air Sports Competitions Have a Long and Prestigious History

Air sports are bigger than ever before, with new technology pushing the boundaries. But tournaments in the air stretch back well over a century.


The world of air sports is getting bigger every year. Thanks to new technology, more and more innovations are being incorporated into what was traditionally a somewhat elitist area of competition. In the past, the idea of racing an aircraft against competitors was something open to only the richest and most daring members of society. But today, competitions are being held all over the world, and the various sports are bigger than ever. However, all air sports competitions owe something to the original godfather of this form of tournament: the Gordon Bennett Cup.

Drones Are Leading the Way in the World of Air Sports

As it stands, the current record is held by a German team, who managed to get all the way from Germany to Latvia over the course of four days. The competition is now in its 61st edition, and though much has changed, the spirit in which it is held and the overall objective remains exactly the same. While the Gordon Bennett Cup may have done its best to remain unchanged over the years, there are plenty of other air sports competitions these days that seek to push new technology as far as possible. The FAI, the world’s primary air sports organisation with 112 years behind it, has recently teamed up with entrepreneur Max Polyakov with the aim of updating the technical side of their events. And with drone ownership at an all time high, the participation of unmanned craft in air sports competitions is becoming more and more popular. Read more about new EOS platform managed by Max Polyakov (Макс Поляков)


Air Sports Racing Has More Than a Century Behind It

This competition was founded back in 1906 by Gordon Bennett. The millionaire sportsman and all around daredevil is so cemented in popular culture that his name has become a common alternative to cursing. He founded the world’s first and biggest balloon race with one goal in mind: to see competitors get as far as possible from the initial point of the race. The contest was a fixture of air sports, interrupted briefly by the First World War and the invasion of Poland. Otherwise, it has pretty much been going strong ever since.